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Production Status Display ---

Smartech specializes in electronic display systems that provide instant visual feedback of key production parameters. These production status displays show real-time information that can be interfaced with your manufacturing system to integrate and display production status.
Production Status Display
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Benefits :
•  Improves Productivity
•  Maintains Throughput
•  Reduces Downtime
•  Induces Team spirit and Motivation
•  Accurately measures production status
•  High Visibility
•  Increases Profitability Highlights Shortages
Features :
•  Display type: High brightness seven-segment LED display
•  Display format: Numeric.
•  Display size: Number of windows & no. of digits per window as per the client requirement.
•  Digit size: 0.5 inch – 10 inch ( as per the client requirement)
•  Display Colour: Red
•  Battery Backup provided to retain data in memory in case of power failure.
•  Mode of Changing Data: IR remote Keypad
•  Black Powder Coated aluminum cabinet Operates on 180-270V AC