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iWATCH Star from Smartech ® is an unsupervised time recording system replacing your muster register / punch card/ swipe card system.

iWatch Star uses advanced fingerprint verification (biometric) of employees rather than relying upon an arbitrary timecard punch. Fingerprints are unique, so iWatch eliminates the ability to buddy punch-saving the company money in time theft and employee abuse.

Best Finger Print Technology
Touch Keypad
Speaks your language
USB Drive Support


Best Finger Print Technology

iWatch Star uses Suprema finger print technology, whose algorithm ranked top in the internationally recognized Fingerprint Verification Competition.

Accurate Real Time Clock

iWatch Star real time clock has an accuracy of +/-2 min per year, so there's no need to update time now and then.

Large Storage Capacity

iWatch Star can enroll up to 950 employees with two templates per employee and can store up to 1,00,000 records.

Multiple Conncectivity Options

iWatch Star can be connected to PC using LAN port or USB port or serial port (RS232 / RS485)

USB DRive Support

USB port on iWatch star can be used for downloading records or for taking backup of employee finger print data

Touch Keypad

Capacitive touch keypad for ease of use, aesthetics & long life


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Touch keypad is ergonomically designed for ease of use.

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iWatch Star is compact, sleek and blends well with different interiors

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Dust Protection

iWatch Star Sensor can be protected from dust by closing the shutter provided

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User Interface


Touch Keypad

Capacitive touch keypad for ease of use, aesthetics and long life

Multi-Colour LCD Backlight

iWatch Star LCD back light turns GREEN for OK conditions and turns RED for Error conditions.

Graphical LCD

Simple to use, menu driven Graphical Interface with animations for enrollment and verification.

Speaks your language

Besides English iWatch Star speaks in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.

Power Management

Auto On & Off

iWatch Star is designed for power saving with features like low power consumption, scheduled On & Off and Auto power Off.

In-Built Battery Backup

In-built Smart UPS works In spite of power failure and switches off automatically if the unit is idle for more than pre-set time to conserve power.

Optional Features

Access Control

iWatch Star can also be used to allow selective access to restricted areas and the access can be restricted on time & day basis.

Smart Card + Fingerprint

Employees can record their time from multiple locations easily. An Employee can record his attendance simply by showing his smart card and verifying his finger against the template stored in his smart card from the other location

Local & Remote Enrollment

Local Enrollment

Local Administrator enrolls the employee by logging in iWatch

Remote Enrollment

Remote Administrator enrolls the employee by giving command to iWatch

iWatch Star can also be instructed remotely. Once instructed remotely, the employee can enroll his finger when he enters his ID on the iWatch.


Application Time Attendance/ Access Control
Sensor Optical
Sensor resolution 500 dpi
Sensing Area (mm) 16 X 19
Matching Speed (1:N) <1 sec
Card Options 125KHz/ 13.56MHz ISO1443 A
Template Capacity 1900
Max. User 1000
Log Capacity 1,00,000
Communication Interfaces TCP/IP, USB (Slave), RS232, RS485*
Wiegand In & Out*
Built in Relay 1*
Memory Slot USB Host
CPU 32-bit 48MHz ARM+533MHz DSP
LCD Display 128X64 Graphical LCD
LED Indicator Multi-Colour
Keypad Capacitive Touch
Voice Instruction English & Regional Languages*
Operating Voltage 5V DC
Dimension (WXHXD)mm 95 x 219 x 55
NOTE : * Model specific features


No more buddy punching.

Accurate & faster recording of In & Out timings.

No more manipulation of timings.

Instant access to information on absentees, late comers etc.

Perfect calculation of work-hours, overtime etc.

Quick generation of reports and pay slips.

Significant saving of man-hours in generation of reports and pay slips.